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The tote tray helps organize smaller parts and accessories.

Portable toolboxes sometimes use slide-out trays or cantilever trays in lieu of the removable tote tray. Metal toolboxes typically steel weigh more than plastic ones. A plastic toolbox laden with tools can weigh the same as a comparable steel box does when empty. Metal boxes are also subject to rusting and their sharp edges can mark the surfaces of things they are banged against. Metal is, however, known for being stronger than plastic, so one should balance its disadvantages against the need to withstand abuse and support the weight of many tools.

Portable chests are a type of tool storage that is small enough to carry, but has drawers to organize contents.

Portable chests have a handle on top for portability and a top lid that opens on hinges. Portable chests typically have drawers. Most are made from metal, but some have a plastic shell with metal drawers in order to help lighten the piece.

A toolbox can also refer to a large tool storage system, or tool chest combos, that includes multiple pieces. These systems are almost always made from metal. Most tool storage systems are painted steel, but some are stainless steel and aluminum. They include a top chest that has drawers and a top lid that opens on a hinge.

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The top chest is designed to sit on a cabinet, also called a rolling cabinet rollcab or rollaway. The cabinet sits on four or more casters and has drawers to organize tools. Other pieces can be added to the system or combo. A middle chest, also called an intermediate chest, can be placed between the top chest and cabinet for extra storage.

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A side cabinet with more drawers can be hung from the side of a cabinet. A side locker can also be hung from the side of a cabinet; usually with a door that protects shelves or small drawers. Toolcarts also known as rollcabs are commonly used in the transportation industry for maintenance and repair of vehicles on location.

Used as portable work stations, some of the larger types are self powered and propelled, for example, pit carts in automobile racing. After several decades of decline in popularity, today a resurgence in use is underway.

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Viewed by many as intended primarily for specialized craftsmanship, such as machinists, tool and die makers, jewelers and other specialized craftsmen, they are also sought after by average tradesman and collectors as working heirloom. Many toolboxes and chests from a variety of trades can be seen at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Tool chests are primarily made of metal , though some expensive models are made of hardwoods.

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