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Flaws not withstanding, this is a very good book and every ASP. Woolston's writing style is personable but not too over the top. One thing I did not like about the writing style is the manner in which code is laid out at times. For instance, with many of the sample applications, Mr. Woolston will dump about pages of code into the book and then work towards restating it in part afterwards with some explanation. There are other times where some of the content is not really useful in furthering education about Ajax and certain examples it feels are stretched to make the chapters longer.

I think there was likely a challenge in filling out a reasonable sized book because simply put - the fundamental elements of Ajax aren't that complex. I found myself done with the book in a period of less than a week. Those things said, after reading the book I can certainly say the overall content has an excellent "perspective of the landscape". The main meat of the book are really these examples, where practice implements the ideas from the prior chapters.

Lastly, the book closes with a few chapters covering security, testing, usability, performance, and a token chapter on Atlas. One other element that I appreciated in this book was the identification of a few free tools out there to aid in Ajax development. In summary, perhaps a book stretched to fit it's cover but nevertheless a very useful read to me and I would certainly recommend it.

Format: Paperback. Pro Ajax and the. After reading the first three chapters I had a clear understanding of what Ajax really is. Author Dan Woolston has extensive experience with AJAX and he seemed to share it all here without overwhelming this reader. Woolston did not waste my time in getting me up to speed. In the first three chapters I learned how to write my own reusable cross browser JavaScript functions that will work together to execute an Ajax call.

Of course I might rely on one of the various existing frameworks to do this for me.

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However, now I know what's going on under the covers and I can make an informed decision about what Ajax to use and when. I know exactly what is happening when Ajax is implemented and why. As you know or will know after reading , these combine with JavaScript to create the foundation of Ajax! I really appreciated the fact that it was concise and dead-on accurate in addressing the specific elements that a.

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NET developer needs to understand in order to code Ajax. Continuing on, after the book had me up to speed with Ajax, it went into n-tier design. This is important because, in theory, a programmer can go hog wild on Ajax and break tons of rules regarding sound application architecture. So I was impressed that Woolston transitioned directly into best-practices for how and when to use Ajax.

The first third of the book covers Ajax theory and best-practices. With Ajax, one size does not fit all. Therefore, chapter seven includes overviews of many popular Ajax frameworks including non. It also covers. NET frameworks including Ajax. NET, Anthem and Atlas. The other two thirds of the book are devoted to Ajax programming concepts. The author uses the Anthem framework for most of this coding.

Anthem is an open-source,.

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NET 1. It is extremely lightweight, requiring only one class file for core functionality. Excellent Feature 2: The book's code walkthroughs are based on a fully functional n-tier sample application that you can download free. The sample application uses the AdventureWorks database which is also a free download from Microsoft if you don't already have access to it.

You might think that some. I can still remember Brian Anderson NuSoft Solutions coming to Nick McCollum and me with a few sheets of paper detailing a new third-party web tool that we should take a look at. The design documents were a brief listing of the sample code for Ajax. NET by Michael Schwarz. Not only had Michael built an awesome library, but he had done so for free.

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Nick and I embraced the library without he- tation. Admittedly, we overused the library at first.

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Need a user control built? Use Ajax! At least that is how it felt at first. Of the three covered in this chapter, Ajax. NET Professional offers the simplest and lightest solution. Unlike Anthem. NET, which sends the entire postback through Ajax, Ajax.

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NET Professional lets you call individual methods. This drastically reduces the amount of data sent across the network and increases the responsiveness and performance of your applications. Atlas provides both methods of working with Ajax sending the entire postback or just calling individual methods , but the size of the framework and the client-side XML script adds some complexity.

You should consider Ajax. NET Professional when comparing the available Ajax frameworks if you are concerned about the performance of your applications, especially from the perspective of network traffic. NET Professional at a Glance. A lightweight Ajax framework that makes it easy to call server-side methods from client-side code.

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Start by downloading the latest. Then, reference AjaxPro. NET 2. NET 1. Next, add a line to your web.

This enables Ajax.