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Venue: Ranchi, Jharkhand. Salem Coin Expo - will be held from 12th to 14th December Venue: Salem, Tamil Nadu. Venue: Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - Exhibition will be held from 20th to 22nd December The coins arrived safely this afternoon.

I am very satisfied with them. I am even more satisfied with the service of the classical numismatic team. Great coins, prompt billing and shipping. Thanks a lot. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

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Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies

The way people thought of emperors and their right to rule was very different then. It was possible for people to fight for autonomy without wanting to overthrow the emperor. And it is worth remembering that even in , when the Mughals had lost all power, the only rightful ruler that everyone, including the Marathas, could agree on was Bahadur Shah, even though he was extremely reluctant to accept this role.

We see a similar situation in the Muslim world, where extremely powerful rulers like Mahmud Ghaznavi still nominally acknowledged the weak Caliph of Baghdad as the rightful leader of the community. That is not true. While the region never had very clearly defined boundaries, it coincides with the IA speaking regions to the immediate SW of the Himalayas along the upper riparian of the Kabul, Jehlum etc tributaries of the Indus.

So, most of gandhAra is in modern day Pakistan. At times it also included Mazar e Sharif and Kunduz.


Albeit at times I wonder if the Kambojas ruled these areas too? There are also suggestions that the Sakas which might include modern Iranian Sistan were tributaries of or allied with the Kambojas. Gandhara had many Afghan rivers and included Kandahar, Kabul, Jalalabad.

Or most of modern Afghanistan too. Peacock — what an interesting connotation. An old symbol of Indian royalty and a common metaphor of beauty and grace in Sanskrit literature — a tradition that continues to modern-day Punjabi pop! Records to indicate that it was eaten until the recent past. A a kid never recall seeing peacocks in the wild.

About 10 wander thru my backyard everyday eating destroying veggi and flower plants.

It could be said that this means that history is more complicated than we think. But a lot of Hindus would differ. The basic problem is that why does Hindu well being lie at the mercy of Islamic prerogatives and interpretations? Whether Sunnis think of Ismailis as heretical would have been of as little relevance to the Hindus of that time, as it is today. The very concept of heresy rarely comes up amongst Hindus.

I seriously doubt that a Hindu king at any time would start destroying religious places of other religions simply because another king thought it was heresy to not do so. Not that many Hindu kings could go around telling other ones that they are committing heresy or anything like that. Skip to content The latest BP Podcast is up.

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  3. A typology of verb agreement in Burushaski.
  4. The topics we touched on: 1. History of coinage in India. The Earliest Coins to be found in India.