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But by they were well established, and it was time to do something unique; Rather than bring the theater to television, they would bring television to the theater, in the first motion picture based on a TV cartoon. The character had made his debut as a secondary segment on the Huckleberry Hound Show, but audiences loved his pic-a-nic stealing antics so much that he ended up eclipsing Huckleberry Hound in popularity. Soon, he spun off into his own TV series in consisting of entirely new shorts, and it was a hit in syndication, lasting for 33 episodes.

The film starts off much like a normal episode of the TV show.

Hey There It's Yogi Bear

Yogi and Boo Boo wake up from hibernation on the first day of spring, and Yogi quickly gets to work on getting food from the incoming Jellystone campers. He tries posing as a food inspector, using an arrow through a restaurant window, and unleashing trained ants to carry the food. But at every turn, Ranger Smith stops him. Yogi intends this choice as a way to guilt him into removing the signs, thinking Ranger Smith would never get rid of him.

However, at the same time, the San Diego Zoo calls up asking if the park can give them a bear. So when Yogi strolls in with his offer, Ranger Smith tells the zoo they have a bear available, and marks him for departure. Cornhole gets jealous upon hearing Yogi is going to California, so they cut a deal and Cornhole goes in his place.

Ranger Smith, fed up with complaints from campers, makes an announcement that whoever the Brown Phantom is will be shipped to the San Diego Zoo. Cindy Bear, a bear deeply in love with Yogi, hears this and decides to pose as the Brown Phantom to be reunited with him.

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! 1986 Reissue TV Spot

Louis without her knowledge. On the train ride to St.

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Louis, she learns this and becomes overwhelmed with sadness. To make matters worse, in the night after crying herself to sleep, the train shakes and her cage is knocked out of it, leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere. He scares her into climbing onto the telephone poles and walking along the wires like a tightrope, which is when the circus owner sees her and decides to capture her for his newest act. Yogi, still in hiding, begins to realize his own feelings for Cindy, so he decides to admit to Ranger Smith that he never went to San Diego, in hopes of clearing things up and letting him stay.

But he overhears a phone call from the St. Arriving at the circus, Yogi sneaks in posing as a clown and learns that Cindy is being held prisoner. He attempts to convince Chizzling to let her leave, but he instead traps him in a cage as well, thinking that two performing bears will bring in twice the money. While Chizzling and Snivley sleep, Boo Boo jumps in to rescue Yogi and Cindy, and the three make their escape into the night.

The trio make their way through the countryside, eventually becoming the target for a sheriff and a bunch of farmers with guns. However, when they awaken the next morning, they find themselves in the middle of an intersection in New York City. After frightening a group of subway passengers, the police begin chasing them, until they arrive in a construction area atop an unfinished building.

Across the country, a live news report is seen on TV with footage of the bears on the building, with Yogi giving a shout-out to Ranger Smith and Jellystone Park. Despite his blunder of letting three bears escape the park going public will likely cost him his job, Ranger Smith takes a helicopter to New York, determined to get the bears back. He arrives and begins negotiating with Yogi, eventually arriving at the decision for everything to go back to how it was before.

This same comic would also be used to help promote the film, in a storyline lasting three months from late May to late August of , about an agent scouting Yogi Bear for a movie and the ensuing hijinks of Yogi in Hollywood.

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This was right around the time that the large studios, namely Warner Bros, were axing their animation departments. When Warner Bros closed down its cartoon studio in May , many of its animators were hired by Hanna-Barbera to work on this film, including Fritz Freleng who worked as story supervisor. Also featured were Mel Blanc Chizzling , J. One notable aspect of this movie from the perspective of the Yogi Bear series is the debut of the iconic design for Cindy Bear. For the film, she was given a more unique design, including light grey-beige fur, and a more gentle personality to match.

From this point forward in all merchandise and later TV series, Cindy would retain this redesign. As a result, it was very popular during its extended summer matinee run. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Lots of soundtrack albums have such clips and this LP sounds as if it had a better-than-the-average budget, so additional funds could have included Butler, Messick and Bennett. The soundtrack album itself is fine listening, but nevertheless leaves one wanting more both musically and technically. More bizarre is the odd use of stereo on side one.

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Though the full stereo tracks without anomalies sound terrific, the mono album offers consistency. Musical Direction: Jim Timmens. Running Time: 34 minutes.

Only two songs from the Hanna-Barbera feature appear on this album, with a hefty helping of previously released songs based on the characters. He also made some vocal appearances on Total Television cartoons—and recorded a number of Golden Records, most notably The Poky Little Puppy read-along. She was best known for being the voice of Little Lulu in the Famous Studios cartoons of the s.

That would have made the album that much more enjoyable! And those radio spots were good,but really…the BEARtles? Wonder if Joe Barbera was the one who threw in that suggestion?

see url Why not …? Two things: — How did a gag of Yogi hiding in a small refrigerator survive safety-minded clippers? Restrictions about such things as the refrigerator gag were not as strict in movies as on TV, and there were fewer groups and individuals presiding over such things in those days, so it was probably overlooked as being questionable.

Actually,there was a snickering dog character who had appeared in several early Huckleberry Hound cartoons. There was talk in the trade papers in —before Yogi even had his own show—of putting him in a feature film. DB, the snickering dog idea goes back to the Huckleberry Hound show. Read here. Thanks for the info! Also noteworthy are the design changes that were made to Cindy Bear and Ranger Smith for this film. For the film, the artists slimmed her down and made her a brown bear, took away the hat and gave her a more appealing scarf instead.

Also Ranger Smith was likewise slimmed down and given a more appealing appearance. Nice thoughts as usual, Frederick. In the case of Cindy and Ranger Smith, their appearance in the movie pretty much cemented that design they would be seen as since, give how many spin-offs or merchandised artwork I had seen of them in my lifetime. Anyone know why the main title credits with the theme song are excised for TV airings? The Man Called Flintstone is always left intact. I love the titles for this and the Flintstones feature ever notice how the Man Called Flintstone titles slightly resemble the Abbott and Costello titles?

I think the VHS has it, though. First time I saw the movie I laughed out loud at the Columbia opening. Anything noteworthy in the Columbia logo for the Yogi film? It was kind of an odd decision to simply ditch the title song entirely there and I wonder why they did it at all. In the film saw a theatrical re-release from Clubhouse Pictures, a subsidiary of Atlantic Entertainment Group.